Avoid Expensive International Calls by Opting for Overseas Calling Cards

Overseas calling cards are an affordable way of staying in touch with friends and family abroad. Regular mobile phone and landline plans are quite expensive for international calls and with the use of international calling cards, you can expect to save a lot on your monthly call expenditure.

Features to Look Out For in a calling card

1.) Pinless Dialing
Pinless dialing service is something that enables you to immediately connect to the destination number without having to punch in a lot of numbers. You don’t have to remember and dial multiple numbers every time you make an international call. This ensures faster connectivity. Pinless Dialing can be used only with the number that you have registered with the service.

Reliance Global Calling Card: Reliance is always dedicated to improve customer experience and have gone a step further and offer 4 numbers that can be registered for the service as Pinless numbers. One can easily use the Pinless service by registering their home phone, mobile phone and office phone.

2.) Hidden Costs

There are many card companies out there that find sneaky ways to make customers pay more for their services. It’s important to read the instructions and go through the website carefully before making the decision of selecting the best calling card. A very common hidden fee is the connection fee which is the money charged to your account simply on connecting to your desired destination number even if no one has responded. You need to make sure that you are not being cheated and taken for a ride by service providers whose promises seem too good to be real.

Another thing to look for is minute rounding schedule for the calling card you are choosing. It is generally believed that 1 minute rounding is beneficial for making substantial savings on calls.

Reliance Global Calling Card: Reliance Global Call, initially known as Reliance India Call has been in the calling card business for almost a decade. Right from the inception till date Reliance has enjoys the reputation of the cleanest calling card. They have always put customer first and worked towards providing best quality calling service at lower costs to the users. They have also always clearly mentioned the offer terms and conditions so that people can know what they are being charged for if any.


3.) Identify Your Needs

One way of finding the best calling card for your needs is by identifying your exact needs. You need to determine the destination you intend to call, your frequency and duration for such calls and the kind of connection quality you are looking for. You should also determine for how long you want to use the card, some service providers offer lifetime usage which you can take advantage of to make calls whenever the need arises without having to pay any maintenance or cancellation fees.

Whether it is for general or business purposes, there are a number of calling cards available in the market today. A little research and some smart analysis will help you in making the right decision while purchasing these cards.

Reliance Global Calling Card: Reliance Global Call provides lifetime calling service on General and Simply Reliance Plan where your recharge amount/talktime does not expire at all. Moreover, you are not charged any inactivity fee like Vonage and other service providers.For people with more than average calling requirement Reliance Global Call also has an Unlimited International Calling Plan to call India and 25 other countries from USA, Canada, UK and Australia.


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