Bring Relationships Closer with Reliance Global Call

As a young undergraduate, thinking about what’s coming next in life drives crazy. Sometimes thinking about young entrepreneurs and start ups boosts my adrenaline, but my brain pokes me and there comes an internal voice which says “Calm down Rohan, there’s still some time for it”.


Life was becoming monotonous fast, which I didn’t want. Finally I had to choose the next step – getting into a job v/s further studies. I was skeptical about studying ahead but the excitement of an opportunity to go abroad and experience international culture was palpable. Accumulating the needed data and information was painful but exciting all the same. Days flew by with me researching universities to learning special recipes of mom.  Finally, that day was near, all set to fly to a new country. But deep in my mind I knew that I won’t be able to overcome that tapri ki chai and nukkad ka samosa; the scolding I received for my notorious behavior from Dad and the late night ice cream in nearby parlors from my elder brother just to make me feel good. I knew things will never be the same.

Time that I spent back home has been precious and unforgettable and I would miss those moments dearly. Just to ensure that I stay alive in these relationships and moments I came across an international calling card which comes with cheapest calling rates. Moreover I referred this to all my friends who choose to study abroad like me, and the amazing part was me and my friends were benefitted for my referral with free international calling talk time.  Now my international calls are cheaper than local calls, plus great offers are always available to choose from. I call my parents back home frequently and keep informing them about my health and status. My friends are not far anymore as calling them is easy with the Reliance Express Dial application available for all smartphone & Reliance Global Call users. Now I keep on cherishing those amazing moments we spent over the time & years without worrying about balance and call rates.

I feel so alive and connected that for a moment I feel like I am back home.

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