How Express Dial Trumps Conventional Calling Cards

Reliance Global Call was launched in USA in 2004. When we did, cheap international calls were not as common as they currently are and it would cost a fortune to call India. The calling cards revolution had not begun in USA or other countries. Effectively, we can stake claim to being the pioneers of the calling cards concept in USA.

RGC Nov1

With the introduction of low international calling rates, we stormed the market, capturing as much as 70% of the market share in those days. Since the international call rates which we offered were previously unheard of, Reliance Global Call calling cards sold like hot cakes. 90% of our customers would call India, and vice versa, to connect with their loved ones. It became a breeze to make international calls overseas.

When we first started, the market was nascent, and so was Reliance Global Call’s offering. A user was prompted to dial her user ID and PIN. Following authentication, she could dial her destination number and get connected. In time, and along with many smart business decisions, we further strengthened our infrastructure and network, which improved call connectivity and quality for you. We tied up with best carriers in USA and other countries to ensure last mile connectivity, the only factor beyond our control, was still top class. Our customers were satisfied. But not us. We wanted to do something more.

Enter Reliance Express Dial, an application developed by us to further enhance your calling experience. After rigorous testing and development (the apps market was not as developed back then), we launched Express Dial in 2007. Through this app, we aimed to reduce the time taken for your call to connect and increase the quality of your call. Your user ID and PIN were stored in the app by default. When you launched express dial, it would prompt you to dial your destination number only. Authentication was done without your having to punch in details. And then we took it further. Express Dial would intercept all international calls being made through your Android or Nokia phones (we were unable to incorporate this feature in iOS because of restrictions applied by Apple) to make sure you were charged low international calling rates. This saved many users the hassle of accidentally making an international call through their local service providers and being charged a fortune for it.

And then we took it even further. Our aim was to bring down the time taken for your call to connect. So we introduced what we called the HTTP feature. Thus, if you used Express Dial while connected to the internet on your smartphone, your international call to India and other destinations would connect within 6-10 seconds. Pretty neat huh?

Reliance Express Dial works on Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry smartphones. Plus, first time users get a credit of 100 free minutes onto their Reliance Global Call account. Coupled with the plan to Full On Plan, Express Dial is the ideal calling card to call India and other destinations. The time taken to connect a call is substantially lesser than other calling cards. Plus we offer really low international calling rates (as low as 1 cent/minute) to call India and other destinations. Simply visit your app store and search for Express Dial to start using it if you haven’t already.


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