How Immigrants Can Choose the Best Calling Card

It’s an amazing feeling to move to a new country for good. You feel delighted with the opportunity of living permanently in a country you admire (well, often. Sometimes work forces to you to move to some places which aren’t preferred destinations in the first place). Your whole world changes. Work ethics, interactions with people, adjusting to them and becoming part of the culture… all this along with a lot of expectations and enthusiasm.

When you move overseas, however, you don’t lose the desire to keep in touch with family and friends back home; a desire which isn’t so pressing if you live in the same country as your family. Making international calls is a top priority for an immigrant, and the number of services in the market offering calling cards can be overwhelming. Each service claims to offer cheap calling cards which are better than the competition. However, differentiating between these calling cards can be tedious and cause confusion. Everyone prefers to have something simplified. Well, we have tried to simplify your decisions to choose between cheap calling cards in this post.

Call rates are a major factor which people consider when choosing between calling cards. The popular ones offer fabulous plans to make international calls from USA and other countries. For instance, Reliance Global Call enables calling India from USA for a mere 0.99 cents/minute on the Full On Plan. It also enables you to make cheap international calls to over 200 countries globally. Other services also offer low prices for calling India from USA, the former being one of the most popular destinations for international calls from USA.

Call rates are not the only deciding factors. There are several others worth considering. Factors and features like PC to phone calling, free calls and more. Toll Free (TF) and Toll Access (TA) numbers are quite a popular concept among international calling service providers. TF numbers are generally used by people to make international calls when

They do not want to be charged for these calls by the local telephony service provider

Toll Access numbers are not offered by the international calling service provider in their areas

In case of the former, using TF numbers turns out to be more expensive for callers. This is because while you do not pay the local telephony service provider, the charges levied by the international calling service provider are slightly higher. TA numbers, on the other hand, are numbers which are local to your area of residence. The charges levied by local service providers for TA numbers are as per local calls. This option is generally preferred by international callers because they get to utilize their free minutes which the local service providers offer, thus making really cheap international calls.

The decision ultimately lies in hands of the user. A few calling cards services providers like Reliance Global Call have no hidden costs or contracts, which makes it easier for callers to adopt this service. Plus people get credit for signing up and referring friends, which further helps them make cheap international calls. Shop around, choose the card which best suits your needs and offers best international calling rates to the country which you want to call, and get started. Distances should not restrict your staying in touch with family and friends.


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