Are You Insured Before Embarking On An International Trip With Your Family?

Travel insurance has become mandatory for international travelers today. Whether they are traveling solo, with a spouse, friends or family, this is an aspect which cannot (and should not) be ignored. As you know, travel insurance is insurance aimed at covering medical expenses, financial default of travel suppliers and other losses which may be incurred when traveling within your own or to another country.

International calls

There are some common risks that most travel insurance plans cover. They are:

  1. Medical emergency
  2. Emergency evacuation
  3. Trip cancellation or interruption
  4. Accidental death, injury or disablement
  5. Lost, stolen or damaged personal belongings and/or travel documents
  6. Delayed baggage or travel delays due to airline schedule or weather
  7. Hi-jacking and more.

If you purchase travel insurance for international trips, you have to buy it through an insurer in your country of residence. You can obtain travel insurance through your travel agent, regular insurers or a specialist travel insurer, the number of whom today is high. Bear in mind that different travel policies have different prices for depending on where you are going in the world. The cover for USA is generally quite high to cover for medical expenses there.

Just like regular insurance, there is no specific company which is leaps and bounds better than the others. So shop around. Ask a few friends, browse the web a little. Aggregator sites like Brokerfish are useful for directing you to appropriate travel insurers and also give you the convenience of comparing travel insurance prices before choosing one. Other popular and reputed companies which offer better packages are Travelex and Trawick International.

It makes sense to purchase and use a cheap calling card when traveling to an international destination. Apart from the convenience to make international calls to family and friends, it also lets you get in touch with your travel insurance company in case you need to make a claim. Cheap international call rates ensure that you can call anywhere across the globe using these cheap calling cards without burning a hole in your pocket. Plus, they are extremely handy if you want to make international calls or local calls in case of emergencies.

Whenever you make an international trip, ensure to keep a copy of your travel insurance along with your travel documents. Share the policy details and relatives or friends back in your country of residence. If you are traveling to a remote location, keep a copy (or at least share basic information) with the manager of the hotel where you are staying for back up. In case your are incapacitated, the localite or hotel manager may have to make international calls and interact with your family or the travel insurer. So it is important for you to share basic information with reliable people. And above all, travel safe. Nothing comes above your own life. You owe safety not just to yourself but to your family and people who depend on you.


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