Qualities of Best Calling Cards in India

The question of what constitute the best calling cards India has is hard to answer. The factors which affect the good qualities of calling cards are as varied as the population of the users itself. But here are some criteria for a good calling card:

  1. Consistent rate – look for calling cards providers in India changes rates from time to time. This will affect your budget plans for calling cards. Additionally, it is understandable to have higher charge when calling internationally compared when you are calling locally. However, you do not have to settle for a much higher rate when there are available calling cards which have the same and consistent rate both for international and local calls.
  2. Fast dialing – it is bothersome enough to add certain numbers before you can make a call so the need to dial the numbers before you could reach the other line is just too much. A good calling card to India should save you from this stress.
  3. Zero customer service access fees – this is highly disadvantageous for users who are having problems with the service because of the service providers. So find a calling card wherein the customer service can be accessed within twenty four hours for seven days a week for free.
  4. Free of fraudulent minutes – there are instances when your call will suddenly cut because you have already consumed the duration of your call. This is not a problem if you really consumed it and you are not randomly charged for fake minutes. Beware of calling cards which have this bad service, they certainly cannot be one of the best calling cards India is known for.
  5. Lesser maintenance fees – choose a calling card which has lesser maintenance fees. This is because you will pay for nothing if you have not used those maintenance fees for certain period of time. If possible, look for calling cards with low or no maintenance fees at all.

Lesser pin numbers to be remembered – choose calling cards which have lesser numbers that are needed to be authenticated. This will take away your burden of remembering more pin numbers.

Good call quality – this is may be hard to determine if you are a new user of calling cards. However, you can try to ask other people who know a particular calling card provider with good quality of service, or check the online reviews for those calling cards. At times, you will have to undergo a trial and error process—try many calling cards then settle for what you think has the best and clear call quality.

Minimal connection fees – calling cards which can let you make a call online is the best. So find the one with minimal and cheaper connection fees. In India, Vonage calling cards provider is known to have one of the cheaper connection fees.

Now you can base the best calling cards India has through these qualities. In conclusion, calling to or from India can be convenient and enjoyable if you know the right calling cards to use and the right service providers to trust.


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