Why this is the best time for US residents to travel the world

If you have harbored the desire to travel and the economy has repeatedly forced your plans to be delayed, don’t worry. Everything happens for a reason. Now, for instance, the stronger dollar means that you can enjoy traveling to Europe and other parts of the world without having to spend much.

“A stronger dollar has reduced the price of everything right from the cost of a hotel room to a glass of beer”, says David Koenig. “This is one of the best time in years for Americans to travel”, says ‘How to Travel the World on $50 a Day’ author Matt Kepnes.

While China is slowing down, developed economies like Europe and Japan are barely growing. And the recent decision of Bank of Japan to increase quantitative easing is a signal for another currency war, which will further strengthen the US dollar. Economists also forecast that consistent growth of the US economy will compel the Federal Reserve to increase interest rates. This move will encourage investment in the dollar and selling of other currencies, which will make the dollar even stronger. And a stronger dollar spells good news for you if you live in USA.

With the pound on the decline, the United Kingdom is substantially cheaper than it was a year ago. But the Euro’s decline has been even more spectacular, making a vacation in Europe a bargain right now. Prices in Italy, Germany, Austria, Iceland, France and other countries are substantially lower, meaning that you will get more bang for your buck on a vacation.

What the decline of the pound, the Euro and Rupee, flight tickets will also become cheaper. We know this doesn’t sound like it’s related, but go with us on this. With the decline in other currencies and strengthening of the Dollar, flight tickets to USA will become more expensive for residents of other countries. This may lead to them traveling to and from USA lesser, which means freeing up of seats in airplanes. Airlines, to increase occupancy, may bring down their flight rates, which will further make traveling cheaper for you.

So if you want to visit Europe, Japan, China or India, this is the best time. When you travel internationally, make sure you have purchased a prepaid calling card at the destination. These prepaid calling cards are available at airports and local mobile stores. They offer remarkably low international calling rates. Thus, you don’t have to worry when you make international calls to stay connected with family and friends. The low international calling rates ensure that you spend lesser than the allotted budget, thus getting to enjoy a great vacation within your preset budget. In fact, we believe that you will get more than what you bargained for.

So when and where are you planning to take your next vacation?


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