How 1 Company Changed The Way We Humans Behave

How old are you? No, you don’t need to type it in the comment (although I wouldn’t mind if you you did). If you have seen more than 25 summers, you belong to probably the luckiest generation ever. You were born and enjoyed your childhood in the Nostalgic 90s, the last decade before technology took over and reshaped our lives. Ever stopped to compare life when you were born or when you were a child vis-à-vis now? Ever wondered how and when it happened?

I think the 1st step to what brought about this tectonic change was taken on 9th March, 2007. One small step by man, one giant step for mankind. Only this action was not Neil Armstrong walking on the moon but a man taking center stage to launch a device in front of a packed audience in the WWDC (Worldwide Developers’ Conference). Little did he (or Armstrong) know how revolutionary their actions would be.

Yes, I’m talking about Steve Jobs – the man after whose return Apple went on to launch the iPod, iPhone, MacBook and iPad and became the most successful company in the history of mankind.

Just last year, Apple sold its 500 millionth iPhone. Imagine that! Half a billion iPhones in 7 years! The way people have adopted the iPhone has been shocking, to say the least. In fact, the device exceeded Jobs’ forecast of selling 10 million units by 2008, because the firm had already sold 13.7 million units by then.

Today, not all of us own iPhones and iPads. Many are Android loyalists while others simply prefer non-Apple devices because they are affordable. These affordable devices offer similar features to the iPhone or iPad like touch screen, installing and using multiple apps, staying connected with people on the go – whether with family and friends or digital circles – and doing much more without having to sit with a wire connected to their device (unless it’s charging). But would any of these have come into existence if were not for the iPhone?

We can only speculate. We can never tell how the past would have shaped our future, or whether another leader would have been as much an iconoclast as Jobs and brought about a revolution in the world through something similar to iTunes, touch screens and beautiful user interfaces.

The outburst of devices which let us stay connected forever has changed the way we live our lives. We have become impatient and demand what we want immediately. We have a short tolerance towards inefficiency directed at us and are quite vocal about it. And we know that people are listening. So we expect something to be done about what we want, and that it be done NOW!

Remember how our parents lives were? The absence of the internet meant that they were ready to wait for things, more likely to be quiet about something they didn’t deem right and were less demanding of services rendered. However, the adoption of smartphones and mobile devices, and what people want to do with them, has changed life fast. 1 company changed the way we think, behave, and live life. Now that’s called Thinking Different.


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