When Staying Like A Hollywood Movie is Possible

How awesome would it be to take a vacation and enjoy it in complete harmony with nature? Won’t a wooden cottage be the perfect getaway from the hectic routine of daily life? Cozy and romantic cottages like the ones shown in Hollywood movies? Well, taking a vacation and staying in one of them is easier than you think.

These wooden cottages have a more contemporary name now – log cabins. As the name suggests, a log cabin is built out of logs, but is more of handwork. It is a 1 to 1-1/2 story structure, less sophisticated than a log house. So you will see more circular logs rather than hewn ones and they’re often hand-worked.

These log cabins can be rented for about £350 a week in UK and $270 in USA. Log cabins are available for rent in Europe and other destinations also and prices vary according to the location.

Log cabins’ roots can be traced back to Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. Although the backing facts are dodgy, rumor has it that the first log cabin was built in 3500 BC in the Bronze Age. And the Finns were (and still are) experts at building these log cabins.

Author C.A. Weslager says that “the Finns were accomplished in building several forms of log housing, having different methods of corner timbering, and they utilized both round and hewn logs. Their log building has evolved from a small gabled-roof cabin of round logs to more sophisticated square-logged ones with interlocking double notch joints. Log saunas or bathhouses of this type are still found in rural Finland.”

Sounds romantic, doesn’t it? The internet is rife with photos of outdoor log bathtubs where you get to be one with nature and rejuvenate. The most popular areas in USA for renting log cabins are Colorado and Montana, where you can find spacious 2000-square foot cabins with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms and more.

If you are taking a trip to an international destination and staying in a log cabin, it is wise to carry a calling card along. A calling card lets you call overseas for really low rates and stay connected with people who matter. Apart from making a call overseas, you can also make local calls as and when needed. Since you are out in nature, internet connectivity may not be reliable. A calling card comes in as a handy option, especially if you are from India because you can subscribe to plans that let you make unlimited calls to India.

A log cabin’s location and build is typically like a Hollywood movie. It’s surreal. These classic cabins generally overlook rivers and are surrounded by trees and animals, which make you feel like you are living in a magical world, especially when you wake up to mist and cold conditions in the mornings. Sip hot coffee from your mug and sit in the verandah gazing at the beauty of nature and soaking it in. Staying in a log cabin (whether for a week or a weekend) is a one-in-a-lifetime experience. Don’t miss it.

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