4 Amazing Places to Try Different Cuisines in USA

Whether you reside in the United States of America or are a visitor, you can enjoy various cuisines offered across the world in this country itself. It is not necessary to leave USA to sample the most delicious and renowned cuisines worldwide.

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Nat Geo believes that everyone loves food, and the less you know about what’s on offer in a place, the more locals want to help you. We tend to agree. A hungry person finds it easiest to break the ice and strike a conversation with locals, anywhere across the globe, including USA.

Here are 4 amazing places where you can enjoy the choicest eclectic cuisines within the United States:

  1. De Afghanan Cuisine
    Located in Fremont California, De Afghanan Cuisine is extremely popular for kebabs, lamb dishes and other middle eastern delicacies. The ambience, with Afghan carpets, interiors like sculptures and lanterns and more make you feel like you actually are dining in a fine Middle Eastern country.
  2. Chez Le Babe
    “They don’t mess with food around here”, said a delighted customer on this restaurant’s Facebook page. Food is incredible, and especially popular are the griot: fried pork in orange sauce, fried plantains and goat’s soup. Other restaurants in Little Haiti, where Chez Le Babe is situated, are also popular for Haitian food and cultural programs. It is a delight to visit this place and sample various delicacies and acquaint yourself with the culture.
  3. Punjabi Dhaba
    In India, a dhaba is a roadside stall frequented by truckers, with cots and wooden logs for chairs and tables respectively. This dhaba, located in Cambridge Massachusetts, maintains the no-frills tradition of a dhaba, yet is remarkably popular among youngsters, hipsters and the Indian families in Cambridge. It serves amazing North Indian food, 1 meal of which is enough to last you a whole day. The most popular dishes here are the chicken tikka masala, shahi paneer and stuffed aloo parathas. A must try if you are a foodie.
  4. Junoon
    It’s not often that an Indian restaurant can be described as sexy, but Junoon, located in New York City, manages to achieve that tag. With brilliantly planned and executed lighting and upholstery, beautiful pools with blossoming lotus flowers and more, this place is as elegant as it is tasty regarding the food served. Hyderabadi chicken korma, goat cheese and mango cheesecake are the most sought after dishes here, and the restaurant has a well-deserved Michelin star.

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