4 Things You Need to Know About International Calls

The age of the internet is remarkable. 20 years ago, the idea of instant communication seemed almost impossible. Makers of Back to the Future would be proud to know that their concept of the videophone did not just come true, it’s available for just about anyone today. However, not everyone knows how to take advantage of these advancements in technology. A good number of people today are still stuck behind the times. So if you’re a dinosaur or technologically handicapped, this list is to help you learn how to make international calls in the easiest, cheapest, most convenient way possible.

Know About International Calls

1. It does not have to be expensive.

Gone are the days when long distance calls were such a big deal. There are so many affordable ways to make international calls. Programs like Skype, Viber, Rebtel and even Facebook Messenger use the internet to let you call people using the same program at the same time for free. These services also allow you to call telephones and mobile phones without their apps at prices usually lower than local telenetworks. It’s an ideal investment if you have loved ones abroad or planning to go aborad.

2. Use calling cards or LetsBrik if you don’t plan to make international calls often.

Majority of communication networks make the bulk of their money selling monthly subscriptions or credits with expiries. With prepaid international calling cards, you will have more control over the calls you make and how much you spend. And if apps and calling cards are really not your thing, LetsBrik would be perfect for you. It’s a browser-based program that you can use without installing an app, program or plug-in. You just go to the site, log in and start calling. As an added bonus, their credits have no expiry so you can log in and use it once, and even if it’s months before you log in again, it will be exactly as you left it.

3. Go old school if you’re desperate.

Cheap international calls are available because there’s internet basically everywhere. But what if you’re a traveler off the beaten path exploring the monasteries of Tibet? Or if you get lost trekking in the jungle and your 3G fails you? These worst case scenarios can happen to anyone and like a good boy scout, it pays to be prepared. Most of today’s generation know as much about landlines as they do about the Cold War. In other words, they’ve heard of its existence but don’t see how it could be relevant to them. But these codes are what made long distance calls first possible. It’s pretty simple. Every country and city/area has its own code. You dial the area code, the city/area code then the telephone number. Remember, during massive power outages, cell sites lose signal faster than telephone lines lose connection. They still exist for a reason.

4. Cherish your calls.

Because it’s so easy to make international calls, we’ve taken it for granted. International calling card have become so cheap that we forget that conversations are priceless. Think about it. There are billions of people on the planet and only a small percentage of those lives are crossed with yours. Cherish the conversation.


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