3 Romantic Destinations in The Caribbean Islands

We’ve been talking a lot about the Caribbean since last month. And why not? It’s one of the most mesmerizing travel destinations in the world. Those who have visited the Caribbean (or even seen photos of it), will agree. Those who haven’t visited it… well… it’s about time you do, especially if you have a partner whom you want to pamper.


If you are inclined towards romance, the Caribbean offers a plethora of special places which are perfect for you, including hotels that have their own islands, quiet villages that let you unwind and enjoy some calm, or suites equipped with private pools. We have listed three of them below.

  1. Hermitage Bay, Antigua
    If money is no concern, this is the perfect place for you and your partner to spend quality time and soak in the beauty of surroundings. Couples barely emerge from their suites to experience the lovely surroundings, but who can blame them. If you stay in a hillside cottage surrounded by tropical greenery and have a private pool, verandah which offers a sensational view and room service which includes spas, it’s unlikely that you will leave your cottage too, right? To add to the cottages, there are also eight beachfront suites which are within touching distance of the gorgeous ocean.
  2. Laluna, Grenada
    Located in a secluded spot surrounded by the hillside and beaches on either side, Laluna is a favorite among honeymooners who visit Grenada. With just 16 non-luxurious cottage like rooms and small plunge pools for each, this place is intimate and gives out a relaxing vibe – something that is perfect if you want to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle. Laluna also has a good Italian beachfront restaurant, a Balinese-style spa, and a pavilion behind the beach for daily yoga and pilates sessions.
  3. Little Arches, Barbados
    There are just 10 houses in this small and cosy set-up, which is a big hit among youngish couples, most of whom yearn for the often-missing privacy from their daily lives. The beach across the road is frequented by locals, and the centre of Oistins, a fishing village famed for its fish fry weekly party, is a stroll away. There’s an excellent restaurant on the rooftop terrace of the hotel. Including return flights, you can enjoy seven nights at this location for just £1,299 – more than a bang for your buck.

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The Caribbean is a dream-like destination which is still not touched by lots of urbanization. A lot of hotels, however, have taken over small beaches and made them captive. So visit the place before the landscape changes further, not just because hotels are taking over, but to simply enjoy the thrilling beauty that the set of islands has to offer.


4 Amazing Places to Try Different Cuisines in USA

Whether you reside in the United States of America or are a visitor, you can enjoy various cuisines offered across the world in this country itself. It is not necessary to leave USA to sample the most delicious and renowned cuisines worldwide.

calling card

Nat Geo believes that everyone loves food, and the less you know about what’s on offer in a place, the more locals want to help you. We tend to agree. A hungry person finds it easiest to break the ice and strike a conversation with locals, anywhere across the globe, including USA.

Here are 4 amazing places where you can enjoy the choicest eclectic cuisines within the United States:

  1. De Afghanan Cuisine
    Located in Fremont California, De Afghanan Cuisine is extremely popular for kebabs, lamb dishes and other middle eastern delicacies. The ambience, with Afghan carpets, interiors like sculptures and lanterns and more make you feel like you actually are dining in a fine Middle Eastern country.
  2. Chez Le Babe
    “They don’t mess with food around here”, said a delighted customer on this restaurant’s Facebook page. Food is incredible, and especially popular are the griot: fried pork in orange sauce, fried plantains and goat’s soup. Other restaurants in Little Haiti, where Chez Le Babe is situated, are also popular for Haitian food and cultural programs. It is a delight to visit this place and sample various delicacies and acquaint yourself with the culture.
  3. Punjabi Dhaba
    In India, a dhaba is a roadside stall frequented by truckers, with cots and wooden logs for chairs and tables respectively. This dhaba, located in Cambridge Massachusetts, maintains the no-frills tradition of a dhaba, yet is remarkably popular among youngsters, hipsters and the Indian families in Cambridge. It serves amazing North Indian food, 1 meal of which is enough to last you a whole day. The most popular dishes here are the chicken tikka masala, shahi paneer and stuffed aloo parathas. A must try if you are a foodie.
  4. Junoon
    It’s not often that an Indian restaurant can be described as sexy, but Junoon, located in New York City, manages to achieve that tag. With brilliantly planned and executed lighting and upholstery, beautiful pools with blossoming lotus flowers and more, this place is as elegant as it is tasty regarding the food served. Hyderabadi chicken korma, goat cheese and mango cheesecake are the most sought after dishes here, and the restaurant has a well-deserved Michelin star.

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What is it About Indian Food That Makes It So Special?

If you’re not an Indian (whether NRI or Resident Indian), we’re sure that you’ve experienced it: tasting Indian food, feeling like your insides have been set on fire, starting the next morning in the bathroom and spending the day eating foods to cool your tummy down. Yet, there is something enticing about Indian food that keeps bringing people back to it every time. In fact, Indian food with its intricate mix of ingredients and aromas, is desired all over the world.

What makes Indian food so different and special? What is it about cardamom, tamarind, saffron and other spices that can overwhelm people’s taste buds give them bouts of joy? Scientists have been conducting experiments and research since long and recently made their observations public.

Behind the appeal of Indian food is a stranger and subtler truth. A truth that suggests that the tantalizing flavors have something unique at molecular levels, and this is what makes them different from cuisines around the world.

Typically, western dishes display a not-too-surprising trend. A chart shared by Scientific American in 2013 shows which foods share flavor compounds. The logic driving Western cuisines is that foods with similar compounds in their ingredients be paired together.

In India,  the opposite holds true. Research conducted at the Indian Institute for Technology (IIT) in Jodhpur suggested that Indian foods rarely shared flavor compounds. So while some flavor compounds are inevitably shared, it is significantly lesser than other destinations across the globe. For instance, onions and coconuts barely have any flavors in common, and that’s what makes them an ideal combination. Also, the foundation for all Indian curries is cayenne. And when a dish contains cayenne, the researchers noted, it is unlikely to share flavor compounds with other ingredients. The same holds true for green bell paper, coriander and garam masala, which are extremely popular in Indian dishes.

If you haven’t experienced authentic Indian cuisines, this post is one to convince you that you should. If you sample Indian foods in your country, the taste will probably be mellowed down to suit your taste buds. Instead, visit India and get a taste of the various cuisines that differ across the length and breadth of the country. Dishes and their tastes are distinct from Kashmir to Punjab to Karnataka, and each one is as good as the other.

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So go on. Take that trip to India. November to March is a great time to visit the country of eclectic cultures since the weather is pleasant and not many tourists are around. Sample Indian food so that you can say that you have done it all. And don’t forget to carry calling cards along to stay connected to family and friends back home.

When Staying Like A Hollywood Movie is Possible

How awesome would it be to take a vacation and enjoy it in complete harmony with nature? Won’t a wooden cottage be the perfect getaway from the hectic routine of daily life? Cozy and romantic cottages like the ones shown in Hollywood movies? Well, taking a vacation and staying in one of them is easier than you think.

These wooden cottages have a more contemporary name now – log cabins. As the name suggests, a log cabin is built out of logs, but is more of handwork. It is a 1 to 1-1/2 story structure, less sophisticated than a log house. So you will see more circular logs rather than hewn ones and they’re often hand-worked.

These log cabins can be rented for about £350 a week in UK and $270 in USA. Log cabins are available for rent in Europe and other destinations also and prices vary according to the location.

Log cabins’ roots can be traced back to Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. Although the backing facts are dodgy, rumor has it that the first log cabin was built in 3500 BC in the Bronze Age. And the Finns were (and still are) experts at building these log cabins.

Author C.A. Weslager says that “the Finns were accomplished in building several forms of log housing, having different methods of corner timbering, and they utilized both round and hewn logs. Their log building has evolved from a small gabled-roof cabin of round logs to more sophisticated square-logged ones with interlocking double notch joints. Log saunas or bathhouses of this type are still found in rural Finland.”

Sounds romantic, doesn’t it? The internet is rife with photos of outdoor log bathtubs where you get to be one with nature and rejuvenate. The most popular areas in USA for renting log cabins are Colorado and Montana, where you can find spacious 2000-square foot cabins with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms and more.

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A log cabin’s location and build is typically like a Hollywood movie. It’s surreal. These classic cabins generally overlook rivers and are surrounded by trees and animals, which make you feel like you are living in a magical world, especially when you wake up to mist and cold conditions in the mornings. Sip hot coffee from your mug and sit in the verandah gazing at the beauty of nature and soaking it in. Staying in a log cabin (whether for a week or a weekend) is a one-in-a-lifetime experience. Don’t miss it.

How 1 Company Changed The Way We Humans Behave

How old are you? No, you don’t need to type it in the comment (although I wouldn’t mind if you you did). If you have seen more than 25 summers, you belong to probably the luckiest generation ever. You were born and enjoyed your childhood in the Nostalgic 90s, the last decade before technology took over and reshaped our lives. Ever stopped to compare life when you were born or when you were a child vis-à-vis now? Ever wondered how and when it happened?

I think the 1st step to what brought about this tectonic change was taken on 9th March, 2007. One small step by man, one giant step for mankind. Only this action was not Neil Armstrong walking on the moon but a man taking center stage to launch a device in front of a packed audience in the WWDC (Worldwide Developers’ Conference). Little did he (or Armstrong) know how revolutionary their actions would be.

Yes, I’m talking about Steve Jobs – the man after whose return Apple went on to launch the iPod, iPhone, MacBook and iPad and became the most successful company in the history of mankind.

Just last year, Apple sold its 500 millionth iPhone. Imagine that! Half a billion iPhones in 7 years! The way people have adopted the iPhone has been shocking, to say the least. In fact, the device exceeded Jobs’ forecast of selling 10 million units by 2008, because the firm had already sold 13.7 million units by then.

Today, not all of us own iPhones and iPads. Many are Android loyalists while others simply prefer non-Apple devices because they are affordable. These affordable devices offer similar features to the iPhone or iPad like touch screen, installing and using multiple apps, staying connected with people on the go – whether with family and friends or digital circles – and doing much more without having to sit with a wire connected to their device (unless it’s charging). But would any of these have come into existence if were not for the iPhone?

We can only speculate. We can never tell how the past would have shaped our future, or whether another leader would have been as much an iconoclast as Jobs and brought about a revolution in the world through something similar to iTunes, touch screens and beautiful user interfaces.

The outburst of devices which let us stay connected forever has changed the way we live our lives. We have become impatient and demand what we want immediately. We have a short tolerance towards inefficiency directed at us and are quite vocal about it. And we know that people are listening. So we expect something to be done about what we want, and that it be done NOW!

Remember how our parents lives were? The absence of the internet meant that they were ready to wait for things, more likely to be quiet about something they didn’t deem right and were less demanding of services rendered. However, the adoption of smartphones and mobile devices, and what people want to do with them, has changed life fast. 1 company changed the way we think, behave, and live life. Now that’s called Thinking Different.

4 Global Fests You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

The world is a colorful place, filled with more people who like to have fun than those who mean us harm. If you don’t believe us, check out the exuberant festivals below. These festivals are filled with color, craziness and happiness and have a built a huge following over time. From lanterns in Thailand to colors in India and cuddly dogs in Scotland, these festivals offer every spectator a unique and unmatched experience.

Listed below are 4 amazing festivals which only have to be experienced in their home locations for knowing their true essence. And people from all around the world attend them, making them the most amazing, colorful and lively festivals on the face of planet Earth.

  1. La Tomatina Festival (Spain)
    Held late in August, La Tomatina, held in Valencia, Spain is a festival in which participants get involved in tomato fights for fun. Spain is known for crazy festivals (bull fighting anyone?) and La Tomatina definitely lives adds to its reputation. It is the world’s largest food fighting festival where more than 40,000 enthusiasts descend on the tiny town of Buñol to attend this festival. Contrary to what people know however, this festival also holds magnificent parades, fireworks and cooking contests.
  2. Yi Peng Lantern Festival (Thailand)
    Yi Peng (Yee Peng – local name) means 2nd month. This festival is one where lanterns are lighted and released into the sky and is held on the full moon of the 2nd month of the Lanna calendar. It is generally held in mid-late November and is said to end the misfortunes of a participant, especially if the flame goes out before the lantern disappears in the sky. There are 2 festivals, one being free and the other is a paid event for tourists, so check the dates before you embark on your journey. Since it is a Buddhist celebration, appropriate attire with shoulders and legs covered is required.
  3. Holi Color Festival (India)
    Also known as the festival of color and love, Holi is one of the most popular festivals in South Asia. It is celebrated at the approach of the vernal equinox and typically comes in March. People celebrate by throwing water and color on each other, making the surroundings colorful and lively. It is said that Holi marks the beginning of summer in India and typically is the hottest day in the south Asian subcontinent. Recently, it has started spreading to parts of Europe and North America, though the celebrations are not in the same vein as in India.
  4. Golden Retriever Festival (Scotland)
    If you are a dog lover, don’t miss the Golden Retriever Festival held in Scotland. Started in 2006 to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland (GRCS), the event saw a record gathering of 222 dogs in 2014. As Huffington post says, it’s really a time to bask in the glory of all things golden retriever and the special bond so many families share with their canine pals. There is lots of fun, frolic, family photography and non-humans having the time of their lives. Add to that the lovely Scottish weather and there really is no other place you want to be in.

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So pack your bags and step out to see the beauty that is on display in the world. Experience various amazing festivals and interact with people there to get a taste of different cultures. Trust us, you will come back richer with experience and wisdom. After all, you only live once.

Why this is the best time for US residents to travel the world

If you have harbored the desire to travel and the economy has repeatedly forced your plans to be delayed, don’t worry. Everything happens for a reason. Now, for instance, the stronger dollar means that you can enjoy traveling to Europe and other parts of the world without having to spend much.

“A stronger dollar has reduced the price of everything right from the cost of a hotel room to a glass of beer”, says David Koenig. “This is one of the best time in years for Americans to travel”, says ‘How to Travel the World on $50 a Day’ author Matt Kepnes.

While China is slowing down, developed economies like Europe and Japan are barely growing. And the recent decision of Bank of Japan to increase quantitative easing is a signal for another currency war, which will further strengthen the US dollar. Economists also forecast that consistent growth of the US economy will compel the Federal Reserve to increase interest rates. This move will encourage investment in the dollar and selling of other currencies, which will make the dollar even stronger. And a stronger dollar spells good news for you if you live in USA.

With the pound on the decline, the United Kingdom is substantially cheaper than it was a year ago. But the Euro’s decline has been even more spectacular, making a vacation in Europe a bargain right now. Prices in Italy, Germany, Austria, Iceland, France and other countries are substantially lower, meaning that you will get more bang for your buck on a vacation.

What the decline of the pound, the Euro and Rupee, flight tickets will also become cheaper. We know this doesn’t sound like it’s related, but go with us on this. With the decline in other currencies and strengthening of the Dollar, flight tickets to USA will become more expensive for residents of other countries. This may lead to them traveling to and from USA lesser, which means freeing up of seats in airplanes. Airlines, to increase occupancy, may bring down their flight rates, which will further make traveling cheaper for you.

So if you want to visit Europe, Japan, China or India, this is the best time. When you travel internationally, make sure you have purchased a prepaid calling card at the destination. These prepaid calling cards are available at airports and local mobile stores. They offer remarkably low international calling rates. Thus, you don’t have to worry when you make international calls to stay connected with family and friends. The low international calling rates ensure that you spend lesser than the allotted budget, thus getting to enjoy a great vacation within your preset budget. In fact, we believe that you will get more than what you bargained for.

So when and where are you planning to take your next vacation?