How Immigrants Can Choose the Best Calling Card

It’s an amazing feeling to move to a new country for good. You feel delighted with the opportunity of living permanently in a country you admire (well, often. Sometimes work forces to you to move to some places which aren’t preferred destinations in the first place). Your whole world changes. Work ethics, interactions with people, adjusting to them and becoming part of the culture… all this along with a lot of expectations and enthusiasm.

When you move overseas, however, you don’t lose the desire to keep in touch with family and friends back home; a desire which isn’t so pressing if you live in the same country as your family. Making international calls is a top priority for an immigrant, and the number of services in the market offering calling cards can be overwhelming. Each service claims to offer cheap calling cards which are better than the competition. However, differentiating between these calling cards can be tedious and cause confusion. Everyone prefers to have something simplified. Well, we have tried to simplify your decisions to choose between cheap calling cards in this post.

Call rates are a major factor which people consider when choosing between calling cards. The popular ones offer fabulous plans to make international calls from USA and other countries. For instance, Reliance Global Call enables calling India from USA for a mere 0.99 cents/minute on the Full On Plan. It also enables you to make cheap international calls to over 200 countries globally. Other services also offer low prices for calling India from USA, the former being one of the most popular destinations for international calls from USA.

Call rates are not the only deciding factors. There are several others worth considering. Factors and features like PC to phone calling, free calls and more. Toll Free (TF) and Toll Access (TA) numbers are quite a popular concept among international calling service providers. TF numbers are generally used by people to make international calls when

They do not want to be charged for these calls by the local telephony service provider

Toll Access numbers are not offered by the international calling service provider in their areas

In case of the former, using TF numbers turns out to be more expensive for callers. This is because while you do not pay the local telephony service provider, the charges levied by the international calling service provider are slightly higher. TA numbers, on the other hand, are numbers which are local to your area of residence. The charges levied by local service providers for TA numbers are as per local calls. This option is generally preferred by international callers because they get to utilize their free minutes which the local service providers offer, thus making really cheap international calls.

The decision ultimately lies in hands of the user. A few calling cards services providers like Reliance Global Call have no hidden costs or contracts, which makes it easier for callers to adopt this service. Plus people get credit for signing up and referring friends, which further helps them make cheap international calls. Shop around, choose the card which best suits your needs and offers best international calling rates to the country which you want to call, and get started. Distances should not restrict your staying in touch with family and friends.


Bring Relationships Closer with Reliance Global Call

As a young undergraduate, thinking about what’s coming next in life drives crazy. Sometimes thinking about young entrepreneurs and start ups boosts my adrenaline, but my brain pokes me and there comes an internal voice which says “Calm down Rohan, there’s still some time for it”.


Life was becoming monotonous fast, which I didn’t want. Finally I had to choose the next step – getting into a job v/s further studies. I was skeptical about studying ahead but the excitement of an opportunity to go abroad and experience international culture was palpable. Accumulating the needed data and information was painful but exciting all the same. Days flew by with me researching universities to learning special recipes of mom.  Finally, that day was near, all set to fly to a new country. But deep in my mind I knew that I won’t be able to overcome that tapri ki chai and nukkad ka samosa; the scolding I received for my notorious behavior from Dad and the late night ice cream in nearby parlors from my elder brother just to make me feel good. I knew things will never be the same.

Time that I spent back home has been precious and unforgettable and I would miss those moments dearly. Just to ensure that I stay alive in these relationships and moments I came across an international calling card which comes with cheapest calling rates. Moreover I referred this to all my friends who choose to study abroad like me, and the amazing part was me and my friends were benefitted for my referral with free international calling talk time.  Now my international calls are cheaper than local calls, plus great offers are always available to choose from. I call my parents back home frequently and keep informing them about my health and status. My friends are not far anymore as calling them is easy with the Reliance Express Dial application available for all smartphone & Reliance Global Call users. Now I keep on cherishing those amazing moments we spent over the time & years without worrying about balance and call rates.

I feel so alive and connected that for a moment I feel like I am back home.

Being Mobile And Staying Connected With Prepaid Calling Cards

Who uses landline nowadays? Not many. With the introduction of cell phone, technology has taken a leap forward.  Everyone owns a cell phone. From the age of 10, most of them start owning a cell phone because it is more convenient to stay in touch and nowadays you can access the internet from almost all the cell phones. The range ofthe best calling cards in the market makes cell phones a very attractive companion. Even while travelling anywhere, within India and globally, calling India has become very easy and common.

Prepaid Calling Cards:

The best option to keep in touch with your family and friends is by getting a prepaid calling cards for cell phones. The telephone companies have progressed in rapid strides and they come up with competitive rates and specific plans keeping in mind the requirements of their customers. The rates are so good and cheap that calling is almost free.

What are the options I get while buying a prepaid calling card for cell phones?

You can get these calling cards online. The PIN and the access number will be sent through email to you. Many of the prepaid cards for cell phones come with pin free access to which makes it very easy to use. You have a wide range of companies to choose from which offer different deals, specific plans to cater to your requirements.

Are prepaid calling cards for cell phones really cheap? Will I end up paying more instead of getting the calls cheap?

A thorough research should be done before you buy a prepaid phone card.  Go through the various deals before you go for a calling card India. First check out who offers cheap phone cards. A lot of telephone companies charge maintenance fees. So make sure that you check on this before buying one. Find out if the calling card is one way. Many cards have the option of calling and they do not have the option of letting you to receive calls from your home country or other countries. You can get calling cards that let you call from pay phones too. That is another option you can check out while buying one because it is very convenient depending on how you will be charged.  Rounding off the amount of the bill is something that might again work expended. Many cards come with expiry dates. The card becomes invalid after that, which again is a very dodgy deal.

Choose Right Calling Cards with these useful Tips

The telephone is pretty effective in the modern times for distant communication with the relatives and friends who live overseas. Have you ever wondered how to make these international calling sessions cheaper and more economical? Well choosing the right calling card is the right way to go in such a case. In this content we shall learn about some of the tips and tricks for choosing these calling cards and their eligibility criteria.

The calling cards assure you of an average expense while placing the call. The people who use these cards for making the telephone calls generally do so when they are living far away from home. Each minute of the voice call is charged in the dollar amount of the local currency to which country the call is being made. This kind of card for calling can be made use of but only till the dollar supply is not used up. This calling card makes it possible for people to stay in touch round the clock on a global basis.

Have you ever wondered about getting the best calling cards? Take into account the minute increments next time you buy a calling card. The number of minutes you talk over the phone is increased. There are other features in this kind of card also which include a PIN number which is concealed at the back of card. You need to scratch it off from the surface. You know the phone company’ name by the logo in the front of the card and the financial value is also known from there.

Refer A Friend Offer

A calling card comes in three kinds about which details are given, domestic, overseas and international. The international calling cards are made use of to telephone friends and relatives living in places abroad. Some of the tips needed for picking out these cards are keeping the destination and call tenure in mind. You need to know the duration of your telephone call and how frequent the calls would be. If you are using it for personal use or business purposes, your professional requirements are different.

The price money of a phone card is from five dollars onwards and can run up into the hundreds category. If you are an online user of this type of phone card you will be using specific dollar amounts. The way to use one of these phone cards is pretty simple like the number of the telephone company, punch in your PIN and then dial the intended number of the person you are trying to reach.

Some cards have monthly or weekly fees, activation charges and other kind of financial aspects levied upon them so make a note of this before buying a phone calling card. Try and get a phone card which charges nil for the connection. If you need to pay from your own money for the other fees as well as the calling charges there is no point. So keeping these above tips in mind buy the phone card.