How to Find Cheap International Calling Cards?

While searching for a cheap calling card for long distance communication needs, people usually get confused and many times repent for wrong selection. Here, we have shared few guidelines that will help you in choosing cheap international calling cards.

  1. Make a list of your requirements

The first thing you need is to jot down all your requirements. Different people have different communication needs. For instance, a business traveler or a vacationer may desire to buy cheap calling card to make short duration calls. On the other hand, a student living abroad for educational/training or a person living abroad for business may look for affordable calling cards for making frequent long duration calls. It is wise to make a list of all your long distance calling requirements. You can categorize them as follows:

Purpose – Do you need a calling card while on your trip to abroad or for business use? Do you want the cheap international phone card to call only 1 destination or many destinations?

Frequency– How frequently you make calls to other countries or likely to make international calls?

Duration: How long you think will be average duration of your international calls?

Recharge-ability: Are you looking for rechargeable cards?

  1. Understand the cost associated with calling cards

As the demand for cheap international calling cards is rising, many companies look for sneaky ways to extort maximum money from their customers in terms of hidden fees. Thus, it becomes important to understand all your options and fees charged on your calling cards.

ñ  Connection fee: If you are planning to use calling cards infrequently, then rates should be your sole guide to find calling cards at the lowest cost. But, if you are planning to use these cards regularly, then selecting a card with no connection fees, disconnection fees, maintenance charges and service charges will be much cost effective alternative. You will also be aware of the minutes consumed by you and the perminute charges for that call. Clean and honest cards may have a little higher charges but you will always have peace of mind as you will know what you are paying.

ñ   Access numbers: A local access number is a cheap way to make call to an international destination. Many calling card service providers provide local access numbers to enable customers to make cheap international calls. Even, if you don’t get local access number, you can choose from a wide range of calling plans to call a local access number in a different area code.

ñ  Rechargeable capability: Rechargeable capability makes it easier to use the card without being frequently troubled for adding funds to the card. For this you don’t need to buy a new card and simply need to simply select auto recharge feature for your card.

It is important to keep above things in mind while selecting for a cheap calling card. You should also give preference to calling cards proffered by reputed brands only as they deliver excellent technical support and high quality calling experience to the customers.


Summary: As the market is flooded with a large number of international calling cards, finding the best calling cards become a daunting task. In order to find the best card, you should make a list of all your international  calling requirements, understand all the options available to you, compare prices of two or more service providers and preferably choose card from a known brand only.


How to Use International Phone Calling Cards

You might be wondering if using calling cards to make overseas calls is an easy process or not. Once you understand how these cards work, you will realize that it really is a non messy and straight forward process.

Steps Involved
It is true that not all international calling phone cards are exactly alike but all of them work on the same fundamental principles and use similar processes.
As a customer, you will be provided with an access number to dial along with a PIN number which will be sent to your e mail address. Access numbers can be of 2 types, local access numbers and toll free access numbers. In case of local access number, you will have to pay for the local call to access the system from your home, office or pay phone. By using a toll free access number, you won’t have to pay for the local call; in fact both the actual international call and local call will be taken care of under the terms and conditions of the plan.
Once you dial the access number, you will have to enter your PIN number and then continue to dial the destination number you want to reach.

Most cheap phone cards announce the number of minutes you can talk for, rates for different destinations differ and the balance of minutes remaining on your account will depend on which place you are calling. But they have a catch which is in their terms of connection fee, maintenance fee and other service charges. With such cards you will never receive the number of minutes you are actually supposed to receive and you end up paying much more. On the contrary a few calling cards are honest and will always provide you the minutes they provide and will also clearly mention all the charges that they charge you for the call if any.

The actual call starts connecting after you dial the destination number and all companies provide the opportunity to redial and make follow on calls because you really don’t want to hang up and start the process all over again.

Easy Recharge
Customers can easily recharge their international phone calling cards through the company website, instant pay facility, auto recharge or even through customer care services. On the website, they simply have to enter the user ID, PIN number, click on the recharge option, and select the amount they want to recharge, confirm their payment, enter debit card or credit card details and submit this. They will get an e mail confirmation for this.
In case consumers want to use customer care services, they will have to call a representative and follow IVR instructions to make payment.

Customers can be assured that their credit card details will not be misused by the company and its employees. Reputed companies make use of highly sophisticated security features to safeguard sensitive financial information of customers which they submit to procure cheap international cards.