3 Romantic Destinations in The Caribbean Islands

We’ve been talking a lot about the Caribbean since last month. And why not? It’s one of the most mesmerizing travel destinations in the world. Those who have visited the Caribbean (or even seen photos of it), will agree. Those who haven’t visited it… well… it’s about time you do, especially if you have a partner whom you want to pamper.


If you are inclined towards romance, the Caribbean offers a plethora of special places which are perfect for you, including hotels that have their own islands, quiet villages that let you unwind and enjoy some calm, or suites equipped with private pools. We have listed three of them below.

  1. Hermitage Bay, Antigua
    If money is no concern, this is the perfect place for you and your partner to spend quality time and soak in the beauty of surroundings. Couples barely emerge from their suites to experience the lovely surroundings, but who can blame them. If you stay in a hillside cottage surrounded by tropical greenery and have a private pool, verandah which offers a sensational view and room service which includes spas, it’s unlikely that you will leave your cottage too, right? To add to the cottages, there are also eight beachfront suites which are within touching distance of the gorgeous ocean.
  2. Laluna, Grenada
    Located in a secluded spot surrounded by the hillside and beaches on either side, Laluna is a favorite among honeymooners who visit Grenada. With just 16 non-luxurious cottage like rooms and small plunge pools for each, this place is intimate and gives out a relaxing vibe – something that is perfect if you want to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle. Laluna also has a good Italian beachfront restaurant, a Balinese-style spa, and a pavilion behind the beach for daily yoga and pilates sessions.
  3. Little Arches, Barbados
    There are just 10 houses in this small and cosy set-up, which is a big hit among youngish couples, most of whom yearn for the often-missing privacy from their daily lives. The beach across the road is frequented by locals, and the centre of Oistins, a fishing village famed for its fish fry weekly party, is a stroll away. There’s an excellent restaurant on the rooftop terrace of the hotel. Including return flights, you can enjoy seven nights at this location for just £1,299 – more than a bang for your buck.

When traveling to the Caribbean, do remember to purchase calling cards to keep in touch with loved ones back home. These calling cards can be purchased at the airport or online and let you make international calls to almost any destination globally. So you don’t need to worry about spending on international calls because you can do so at really low call rates. These calling cards are one of the most effective options to make international calls and stay connected with family and friends.

The Caribbean is a dream-like destination which is still not touched by lots of urbanization. A lot of hotels, however, have taken over small beaches and made them captive. So visit the place before the landscape changes further, not just because hotels are taking over, but to simply enjoy the thrilling beauty that the set of islands has to offer.


Reliance Global Call Introduces the Value Pack for International Callers

Reliance Global Call, the leader in international calling cards and services, announced that it has introduced the Value Pack in the Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain. For merely € 5.99, users get 600 international calling minutes to call 25 countries including India, effectively meaning that users can make calls for as low as 1 ¢/min. Users don’t have to pay a penny more and there are no hidden or additional cost.

The firm, providing premium international calling services for more than a decade, always ensures that it offers customer-centric products and value pack is one such offering. They studied the market and found that not many people have high usage of international calling. “Such users simply want some small pack which offers adequate international calling minutes to make calls to friends, family, business associates or clients. Some people also tend to keep conversations brief and don’t feel the need to spend a fee in which half the allotted minutes go unused”, said a team member

Reliance Global Call, a reliable international calling service provider with over 2.5 million global subscribers, has always been committed to delivering value to its users. They deliver value in 2 ways: providing users with more of what they want and constantly innovating on reducing prices. Keeping that goal and commitment in mind, Reliance Global Call has launched the Value Pack for the Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, where users get 600 minutes each month to call overseas.

Users are visibly pleased. “I am busy and tied up with  work most of the time so I get very less time to talk with my friends or family back home (in India)”, said Surrey-based Satpal Singh. “And I didn’t want to spend about €14-15 each month on an international calling plan where half of my minutes go unused and I still have to pay for it. At least now I will be able to speak to them for more than an hour each week. 600 minutes are more than enough for me”, he added.

Reliance Global Call also has an intelligent Smartphone app called Reliance Express Dial, which intercepts international calls being made from your cell phone and routes them through the app, thus saving you the hassle of being overcharged by your local service provider in case you accidentally made the call through them. This app also brings down the time taken to connect an overseas call to about 20 seconds, meaning that you can get in touch with loved ones and business associates quicker.

The firm prides itself on keeping products and offerings simple. Their focus of value creation is on consistently reducing prices and increasing international calling minutes. So if you are looking for budget plan to call overseas and have been waiting for one, then here it is. Stay connected with people and joins the network used by over 2.5 million subscribers

Tips for Selecting the Best Vendors for Buying International Calling Cards

International calling cards have emerged as most preferable means of communication across the globe. Vacationers, students and business travelers around the world are relying more and more on these tiny cards for long distance communication. The best things is that these cards are easily available everywhere. You can buy these cards from super market, mobile stores or other local stores in your area. If you are more interested in online buying, you can find a large variety of online vendors offering international calling phone cards.

Whether you want to buy international calling phone cards from online stores or offline stores, in both cases, you will find plethora of sellers offering international calling cards with a large assortment of calling plans. Whether you buy a calling card online or offline, you have to be bit careful of calling card distributors who are illegally running their operations and also of those who do not give back the worth of the money spent by the customers. Here are few tips that must preferably be followed while buying calling cards from online or physical stores:

  • It is very important to read all the terms and conditions listed on the calling cards. It will help you to get valuable information of international call rate such as surcharge fee, minute rounding etc.
  • If you have any confusion regarding connection fees, surcharge fee or any other fee, make sure to call customer service number of the card provider to get detailed information.
  • It is very important to understand your call per rate to make an international call. Many sellers try to attract you with lucrative international calling card rates but add a large sum of hidden fees at the time of your billing.
  • Make sure to call toll free or access number of your calling card to know if you can access that number from your location. Moreover, you should always try to buy cards with local access number to enjoy more minutes of calling.
  • Considering customer technical support of the service provider is very essential. It is recommended to choose only those online vendors that provide excellent 24/7 service and support to help you in all your queries and problems with your prepaid calling cards.
  • If you are trying a card for the first time and are not sure about its quality, it is recommended to purchase the minimum value available.
  • Make sure to buy calling cards from reliable and renowned vendors only. It gives you benefit of expecting good quality services at reasonable rice. Moreover, it will also be easy for you to approach such vendors in case you are no satisfied with the services.

Research is a key tool for finding reliable vendor. You should gather enough information about various calling cards and compare prices and features of different cards with relevance to your requirements.


Summary: Whether you buy a calling card online or offline, you have to be bit careful of calling card distributors who are illegally running their operations

It is very important to read all the terms and conditions, make sure to call customer service number of the card provider to get detailed information, provide excellent 24/7 service and support to help you in all your queries and problems with your prepaid calling cards. Research is a key tool for finding reliable vendor. You should gather enough information about various calling cards and compare prices and features of different cards with relevance to your requirements.

How to Find Cheap International Calling Cards?

While searching for a cheap calling card for long distance communication needs, people usually get confused and many times repent for wrong selection. Here, we have shared few guidelines that will help you in choosing cheap international calling cards.

  1. Make a list of your requirements

The first thing you need is to jot down all your requirements. Different people have different communication needs. For instance, a business traveler or a vacationer may desire to buy cheap calling card to make short duration calls. On the other hand, a student living abroad for educational/training or a person living abroad for business may look for affordable calling cards for making frequent long duration calls. It is wise to make a list of all your long distance calling requirements. You can categorize them as follows:

Purpose – Do you need a calling card while on your trip to abroad or for business use? Do you want the cheap international phone card to call only 1 destination or many destinations?

Frequency– How frequently you make calls to other countries or likely to make international calls?

Duration: How long you think will be average duration of your international calls?

Recharge-ability: Are you looking for rechargeable cards?

  1. Understand the cost associated with calling cards

As the demand for cheap international calling cards is rising, many companies look for sneaky ways to extort maximum money from their customers in terms of hidden fees. Thus, it becomes important to understand all your options and fees charged on your calling cards.

ñ  Connection fee: If you are planning to use calling cards infrequently, then rates should be your sole guide to find calling cards at the lowest cost. But, if you are planning to use these cards regularly, then selecting a card with no connection fees, disconnection fees, maintenance charges and service charges will be much cost effective alternative. You will also be aware of the minutes consumed by you and the perminute charges for that call. Clean and honest cards may have a little higher charges but you will always have peace of mind as you will know what you are paying.

ñ   Access numbers: A local access number is a cheap way to make call to an international destination. Many calling card service providers provide local access numbers to enable customers to make cheap international calls. Even, if you don’t get local access number, you can choose from a wide range of calling plans to call a local access number in a different area code.

ñ  Rechargeable capability: Rechargeable capability makes it easier to use the card without being frequently troubled for adding funds to the card. For this you don’t need to buy a new card and simply need to simply select auto recharge feature for your card.

It is important to keep above things in mind while selecting for a cheap calling card. You should also give preference to calling cards proffered by reputed brands only as they deliver excellent technical support and high quality calling experience to the customers.


Summary: As the market is flooded with a large number of international calling cards, finding the best calling cards become a daunting task. In order to find the best card, you should make a list of all your international  calling requirements, understand all the options available to you, compare prices of two or more service providers and preferably choose card from a known brand only.