4 Amazing Places to Try Different Cuisines in USA

Whether you reside in the United States of America or are a visitor, you can enjoy various cuisines offered across the world in this country itself. It is not necessary to leave USA to sample the most delicious and renowned cuisines worldwide.

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Nat Geo believes that everyone loves food, and the less you know about what’s on offer in a place, the more locals want to help you. We tend to agree. A hungry person finds it easiest to break the ice and strike a conversation with locals, anywhere across the globe, including USA.

Here are 4 amazing places where you can enjoy the choicest eclectic cuisines within the United States:

  1. De Afghanan Cuisine
    Located in Fremont California, De Afghanan Cuisine is extremely popular for kebabs, lamb dishes and other middle eastern delicacies. The ambience, with Afghan carpets, interiors like sculptures and lanterns and more make you feel like you actually are dining in a fine Middle Eastern country.
  2. Chez Le Babe
    “They don’t mess with food around here”, said a delighted customer on this restaurant’s Facebook page. Food is incredible, and especially popular are the griot: fried pork in orange sauce, fried plantains and goat’s soup. Other restaurants in Little Haiti, where Chez Le Babe is situated, are also popular for Haitian food and cultural programs. It is a delight to visit this place and sample various delicacies and acquaint yourself with the culture.
  3. Punjabi Dhaba
    In India, a dhaba is a roadside stall frequented by truckers, with cots and wooden logs for chairs and tables respectively. This dhaba, located in Cambridge Massachusetts, maintains the no-frills tradition of a dhaba, yet is remarkably popular among youngsters, hipsters and the Indian families in Cambridge. It serves amazing North Indian food, 1 meal of which is enough to last you a whole day. The most popular dishes here are the chicken tikka masala, shahi paneer and stuffed aloo parathas. A must try if you are a foodie.
  4. Junoon
    It’s not often that an Indian restaurant can be described as sexy, but Junoon, located in New York City, manages to achieve that tag. With brilliantly planned and executed lighting and upholstery, beautiful pools with blossoming lotus flowers and more, this place is as elegant as it is tasty regarding the food served. Hyderabadi chicken korma, goat cheese and mango cheesecake are the most sought after dishes here, and the restaurant has a well-deserved Michelin star.

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Choose Right Calling Cards with these useful Tips

The telephone is pretty effective in the modern times for distant communication with the relatives and friends who live overseas. Have you ever wondered how to make these international calling sessions cheaper and more economical? Well choosing the right calling card is the right way to go in such a case. In this content we shall learn about some of the tips and tricks for choosing these calling cards and their eligibility criteria.

The calling cards assure you of an average expense while placing the call. The people who use these cards for making the telephone calls generally do so when they are living far away from home. Each minute of the voice call is charged in the dollar amount of the local currency to which country the call is being made. This kind of card for calling can be made use of but only till the dollar supply is not used up. This calling card makes it possible for people to stay in touch round the clock on a global basis.

Have you ever wondered about getting the best calling cards? Take into account the minute increments next time you buy a calling card. The number of minutes you talk over the phone is increased. There are other features in this kind of card also which include a PIN number which is concealed at the back of card. You need to scratch it off from the surface. You know the phone company’ name by the logo in the front of the card and the financial value is also known from there.

Refer A Friend Offer

A calling card comes in three kinds about which details are given, domestic, overseas and international. The international calling cards are made use of to telephone friends and relatives living in places abroad. Some of the tips needed for picking out these cards are keeping the destination and call tenure in mind. You need to know the duration of your telephone call and how frequent the calls would be. If you are using it for personal use or business purposes, your professional requirements are different.

The price money of a phone card is from five dollars onwards and can run up into the hundreds category. If you are an online user of this type of phone card you will be using specific dollar amounts. The way to use one of these phone cards is pretty simple like the number of the telephone company, punch in your PIN and then dial the intended number of the person you are trying to reach.

Some cards have monthly or weekly fees, activation charges and other kind of financial aspects levied upon them so make a note of this before buying a phone calling card. Try and get a phone card which charges nil for the connection. If you need to pay from your own money for the other fees as well as the calling charges there is no point. So keeping these above tips in mind buy the phone card.

Why Limit your Talks this Summer Season? Go Unlimited with Reliance Global Call

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From one of our Customers Speak sections, Gurpal Singh, who was not able to visit India Diwali last year, said “I am happy that I stumbled across this offer on the net during Diwali. It allowed me to speak for longer than other services for the same amount of money”. International callers can speak to loved ones and friends in India and 24 other countries without worrying about hefty bills. This pack is ideal for students, housewives, business people and families who frequently call overseas. “The service is well priced and connectivity is good. “Smart-dialing  saves me time as I don’t have to dial 30-35 digits.” says Wisconsin based Shalet Diaz.

Key aspects of the ‘Unlimited Calling Pack’ are

  • Special Plan Value – US$ 15.99 for the season
  • Single account for calling from mobile and landline
  • Uninterrupted calling through Auto Recharge
  • Hassle free direct dialing with Free Smart Phone App
  • No hidden charges, contracts or daily caps

Reach out Globally with Reliance Global Call

“We want to continue with the mission which guides all our decisions – focusing on our customers. We know how closely knit Indian families are and how important festivals are to them. Hence, we have yet again offered the lowest price for Reliance Global Call’s Unlimited Calling Pack this Christmas. This offer design is in sync with our aim of customer convenience. 40% savings will let users save money, or talk more to loved ones, buy more gifts for family & friends, or all of the above.” said Punit Garg, President & CEO, Reliance Communications Limited.

Country wise benefit of Unlimited Calling Pack:

Country Unlimited Calling Pack
USA USD 15.99
Canada CAD 14.99
UK GBP 11.99
Australia AUD 19.99

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How Do International Calling Cards Work

Using international calling card to connect with friends worldwide is not rocket science. In fact, the procedure is so simplified and easy to use that any layman can purchase a card and start using it.

What Customers Have to Do?
Making an international call by a prepaid international calling card requires customer to two stage dialing process, the first one to access the calling card system through a toll free number. Once the account is verified on the customer providing a PIN number, the destination number may be dialed. This process does not take more than a few seconds to complete.

A few service providers have the feature of a announcing remaining talk time before the start of the call. This helps the user to recharge the card before the call to have uninterrupted conversations with their loved ones. The calling card services are always cheaper than calling via conventional phone service operators.

Online Calling Cards for Cell Phones
Phone cards can be purchased easily on the company’s website using debit or credit cards. Customers have to log on to the company’s website and select the Sign Up option. They can select the country from which they will be using the service. Then they have to enter their name and other contact details including their phone numbers and e mail address. It is a good idea to register the phone from which most of the calls will be made. They can then select the amount they want to purchase which will give them the required talk time and then select the mode of payment and submit the details.

Details containing the PIN number and instructions for usage are instantly sent to the e mail address and customers can start making calls. It is very easy to recharge online by using insta pay option and also receive call detail reports simply by logging into the account.


Advantage of Using Calling Cards
Phone calling cards are fast and easy to use; they can also be easily recharged. Customers have the freedom to control their spending; they know how much they can afford to and how much they’ve already spent. With prepaid cards, they have the freedom to choose the amount and buy talk time accordingly. Calls can be made from landlines, cell phones or public pay phones. The services are available in hundreds of cities across the world which means easy connectivity no matter what the purpose of the call.

In these times of urbanization and globalization, an increasing number of people have discovered the convenience of using international calling cards to maintain contact.