Reliance Global Call Introduces the Value Pack for International Callers

Reliance Global Call, the leader in international calling cards and services, announced that it has introduced the Value Pack in the Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain. For merely € 5.99, users get 600 international calling minutes to call 25 countries including India, effectively meaning that users can make calls for as low as 1 ¢/min. Users don’t have to pay a penny more and there are no hidden or additional cost.

The firm, providing premium international calling services for more than a decade, always ensures that it offers customer-centric products and value pack is one such offering. They studied the market and found that not many people have high usage of international calling. “Such users simply want some small pack which offers adequate international calling minutes to make calls to friends, family, business associates or clients. Some people also tend to keep conversations brief and don’t feel the need to spend a fee in which half the allotted minutes go unused”, said a team member

Reliance Global Call, a reliable international calling service provider with over 2.5 million global subscribers, has always been committed to delivering value to its users. They deliver value in 2 ways: providing users with more of what they want and constantly innovating on reducing prices. Keeping that goal and commitment in mind, Reliance Global Call has launched the Value Pack for the Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, where users get 600 minutes each month to call overseas.

Users are visibly pleased. “I am busy and tied up with  work most of the time so I get very less time to talk with my friends or family back home (in India)”, said Surrey-based Satpal Singh. “And I didn’t want to spend about €14-15 each month on an international calling plan where half of my minutes go unused and I still have to pay for it. At least now I will be able to speak to them for more than an hour each week. 600 minutes are more than enough for me”, he added.

Reliance Global Call also has an intelligent Smartphone app called Reliance Express Dial, which intercepts international calls being made from your cell phone and routes them through the app, thus saving you the hassle of being overcharged by your local service provider in case you accidentally made the call through them. This app also brings down the time taken to connect an overseas call to about 20 seconds, meaning that you can get in touch with loved ones and business associates quicker.

The firm prides itself on keeping products and offerings simple. Their focus of value creation is on consistently reducing prices and increasing international calling minutes. So if you are looking for budget plan to call overseas and have been waiting for one, then here it is. Stay connected with people and joins the network used by over 2.5 million subscribers