Features of Good Prepaid Calling Cards

Cheap prepaid calling cards have become popular among different groups of consumers such as students, families, immigrants, businesses and people who travel overseas for leisure or business purposes. The most important reason for the increase in their popularity is their efficiency, low costs and convenience of use.

The Pros of Calling Cards

With prepaid calling cards, customers have the complete freedom to control their expenditure and they don’t have to worry about making payments at the end of the month. Competition has increased amongst service providers, especially with the entry of new companies that are making rapid in roads into the available customer base by offering greater conveniences and low rates. However, not all offers that are advertised are genuine and customers need to make careful scrutiny and understand the terms and conditions being offered before they make the final selection. Consumers too have become wise and don’t take promises and offers at face value. They prefer to check the company website and go through the finer details and sift through all the costs and extra deductibles that the companies may be trying to thrust upon them on a weekly, per call or monthly basis.

Desirable Features

There are some extremely desirable & affordable features being offered by companies that make cheap prepaid calling cards. These features include easy dialing, 2 digit dialing, simultaneous calling, smart calling and PINless dailling; follow on calling and instant pay facility. They have even come up with one touch mobile apps that can be used on mobiles such as Windows Phone, Blackberry, iPhone, Android etc.

The smart calling facility is useful for those customers who are already using the services of a particular company. They can skip the IVR process of guidance to make a call using this. By simply keying in any number, they can avoid the lengthy announcements and instructions and get straight to making the actual call.

Speed Dialing for Prepaid Calling Card

Speed dialing and 2 digital dialing is possible while making calls using international calling cards. The customer simply has to store the toll access or toll free number as a speed dial contact on his/her registered phone. When they want to make the call, they simply dial the access number speed dial short code and follow it up with the speed dial code assigned to the destination number they wish to connect with. However, it is a good idea if such a facility is available only for registered phone users.

With such conveniences, who can blame the world for becoming better connected?