Avoid Expensive International Calls by Opting for Overseas Calling Cards

Overseas calling cards are an affordable way of staying in touch with friends and family abroad. Regular mobile phone and landline plans are quite expensive for international calls and with the use of international calling cards, you can expect to save a lot on your monthly call expenditure.

Features to Look Out For in a calling card

1.) Pinless Dialing
Pinless dialing service is something that enables you to immediately connect to the destination number without having to punch in a lot of numbers. You don’t have to remember and dial multiple numbers every time you make an international call. This ensures faster connectivity. Pinless Dialing can be used only with the number that you have registered with the service.

Reliance Global Calling Card: Reliance is always dedicated to improve customer experience and have gone a step further and offer 4 numbers that can be registered for the service as Pinless numbers. One can easily use the Pinless service by registering their home phone, mobile phone and office phone.

2.) Hidden Costs

There are many card companies out there that find sneaky ways to make customers pay more for their services. It’s important to read the instructions and go through the website carefully before making the decision of selecting the best calling card. A very common hidden fee is the connection fee which is the money charged to your account simply on connecting to your desired destination number even if no one has responded. You need to make sure that you are not being cheated and taken for a ride by service providers whose promises seem too good to be real.

Another thing to look for is minute rounding schedule for the calling card you are choosing. It is generally believed that 1 minute rounding is beneficial for making substantial savings on calls.

Reliance Global Calling Card: Reliance Global Call, initially known as Reliance India Call has been in the calling card business for almost a decade. Right from the inception till date Reliance has enjoys the reputation of the cleanest calling card. They have always put customer first and worked towards providing best quality calling service at lower costs to the users. They have also always clearly mentioned the offer terms and conditions so that people can know what they are being charged for if any.


3.) Identify Your Needs

One way of finding the best calling card for your needs is by identifying your exact needs. You need to determine the destination you intend to call, your frequency and duration for such calls and the kind of connection quality you are looking for. You should also determine for how long you want to use the card, some service providers offer lifetime usage which you can take advantage of to make calls whenever the need arises without having to pay any maintenance or cancellation fees.

Whether it is for general or business purposes, there are a number of calling cards available in the market today. A little research and some smart analysis will help you in making the right decision while purchasing these cards.

Reliance Global Calling Card: Reliance Global Call provides lifetime calling service on General and Simply Reliance Plan where your recharge amount/talktime does not expire at all. Moreover, you are not charged any inactivity fee like Vonage and other service providers.For people with more than average calling requirement Reliance Global Call also has an Unlimited International Calling Plan to call India and 25 other countries from USA, Canada, UK and Australia.


Tips for Selecting the Best Vendors for Buying International Calling Cards

International calling cards have emerged as most preferable means of communication across the globe. Vacationers, students and business travelers around the world are relying more and more on these tiny cards for long distance communication. The best things is that these cards are easily available everywhere. You can buy these cards from super market, mobile stores or other local stores in your area. If you are more interested in online buying, you can find a large variety of online vendors offering international calling phone cards.

Whether you want to buy international calling phone cards from online stores or offline stores, in both cases, you will find plethora of sellers offering international calling cards with a large assortment of calling plans. Whether you buy a calling card online or offline, you have to be bit careful of calling card distributors who are illegally running their operations and also of those who do not give back the worth of the money spent by the customers. Here are few tips that must preferably be followed while buying calling cards from online or physical stores:

  • It is very important to read all the terms and conditions listed on the calling cards. It will help you to get valuable information of international call rate such as surcharge fee, minute rounding etc.
  • If you have any confusion regarding connection fees, surcharge fee or any other fee, make sure to call customer service number of the card provider to get detailed information.
  • It is very important to understand your call per rate to make an international call. Many sellers try to attract you with lucrative international calling card rates but add a large sum of hidden fees at the time of your billing.
  • Make sure to call toll free or access number of your calling card to know if you can access that number from your location. Moreover, you should always try to buy cards with local access number to enjoy more minutes of calling.
  • Considering customer technical support of the service provider is very essential. It is recommended to choose only those online vendors that provide excellent 24/7 service and support to help you in all your queries and problems with your prepaid calling cards.
  • If you are trying a card for the first time and are not sure about its quality, it is recommended to purchase the minimum value available.
  • Make sure to buy calling cards from reliable and renowned vendors only. It gives you benefit of expecting good quality services at reasonable rice. Moreover, it will also be easy for you to approach such vendors in case you are no satisfied with the services.

Research is a key tool for finding reliable vendor. You should gather enough information about various calling cards and compare prices and features of different cards with relevance to your requirements.


Summary: Whether you buy a calling card online or offline, you have to be bit careful of calling card distributors who are illegally running their operations

It is very important to read all the terms and conditions, make sure to call customer service number of the card provider to get detailed information, provide excellent 24/7 service and support to help you in all your queries and problems with your prepaid calling cards. Research is a key tool for finding reliable vendor. You should gather enough information about various calling cards and compare prices and features of different cards with relevance to your requirements.

Role & Significance of Calling Cards for Long Distance Calling

As it has become convenient for mankind to cover the long distances, a large number of people are moving from one place to another for various reasons. A wish of exploring a new place, a new business opportunity and a better education and employment opportunity usually fosters people to cross the boundaries of cities, states and countries.

The increasing number of people covering long distance is directly affecting the demand of long distance communication. Such demand is tremendously rising due to robust globalization and acceleration of outsourcing to India. It becomes challenging job for Telecom industry to keep step with the communication requirements of general public.

Telecommunication companies are putting their best foot forward to facilitate long distance calling services. These companies provide a plethora of choices for long distance calling, cell phones, prepaid calling cards, VoIP phones, dial around long distance, call back services  and lot more.

Long distance calling cards are among the cheapest means of long distance communication. Any individual going abroad for education, vacation, employment or business dealing, can make use of these easy and affordable long distance calling cards. These cards are prepaid in nature and come with specific minutes for which users pay prior to using them. Unlike the traditional calling with landlines, in which you have to bear huge monthly bills topped up with many hidden costs, it is easy to know how much you are paying and for how many minutes with long distance calling cards. It is easy to use these cards from any of your registered number or even an unregistered overseas number.


Here are the common features of long distance calling cards:

The process is very simple for making a long distance call from the calling cards:

  • First of all, you need to dial the access number. Such access number aids to receive instructions from your service provider while making calls and also to know the balance and number of minutes in your prepaid calling card account.
  • Next you need to enter the registered PIN that you receive when you register for the account, usually for unregistered phone numbers. With pinless dialing you can avoid this hassle.
  • Then, enter the desired number following the international dialing code such as city or country code and you will get connected to your desired destination.

This whole process is easy and economical and that’s what makes it popular among frequent international callers. Whether you follow any method of making a long distance call, always beware while choosing any plan and service provider as many service providers extort huge money from customers in terms of hidden cost.

Summary: The increasing number of people covering long distances is directly related to the demand of long distance communication. Long distance calling cards are among the cheapest means of long distance communication. The common features of long distance prepaid cards are PIN-less dialing, speed dial, call back feature, domestic and international access numbers, rechargeable accounts etc.

How to Find Cheap International Calling Cards?

While searching for a cheap calling card for long distance communication needs, people usually get confused and many times repent for wrong selection. Here, we have shared few guidelines that will help you in choosing cheap international calling cards.

  1. Make a list of your requirements

The first thing you need is to jot down all your requirements. Different people have different communication needs. For instance, a business traveler or a vacationer may desire to buy cheap calling card to make short duration calls. On the other hand, a student living abroad for educational/training or a person living abroad for business may look for affordable calling cards for making frequent long duration calls. It is wise to make a list of all your long distance calling requirements. You can categorize them as follows:

Purpose – Do you need a calling card while on your trip to abroad or for business use? Do you want the cheap international phone card to call only 1 destination or many destinations?

Frequency– How frequently you make calls to other countries or likely to make international calls?

Duration: How long you think will be average duration of your international calls?

Recharge-ability: Are you looking for rechargeable cards?

  1. Understand the cost associated with calling cards

As the demand for cheap international calling cards is rising, many companies look for sneaky ways to extort maximum money from their customers in terms of hidden fees. Thus, it becomes important to understand all your options and fees charged on your calling cards.

ñ  Connection fee: If you are planning to use calling cards infrequently, then rates should be your sole guide to find calling cards at the lowest cost. But, if you are planning to use these cards regularly, then selecting a card with no connection fees, disconnection fees, maintenance charges and service charges will be much cost effective alternative. You will also be aware of the minutes consumed by you and the perminute charges for that call. Clean and honest cards may have a little higher charges but you will always have peace of mind as you will know what you are paying.

ñ   Access numbers: A local access number is a cheap way to make call to an international destination. Many calling card service providers provide local access numbers to enable customers to make cheap international calls. Even, if you don’t get local access number, you can choose from a wide range of calling plans to call a local access number in a different area code.

ñ  Rechargeable capability: Rechargeable capability makes it easier to use the card without being frequently troubled for adding funds to the card. For this you don’t need to buy a new card and simply need to simply select auto recharge feature for your card.

It is important to keep above things in mind while selecting for a cheap calling card. You should also give preference to calling cards proffered by reputed brands only as they deliver excellent technical support and high quality calling experience to the customers.


Summary: As the market is flooded with a large number of international calling cards, finding the best calling cards become a daunting task. In order to find the best card, you should make a list of all your international  calling requirements, understand all the options available to you, compare prices of two or more service providers and preferably choose card from a known brand only.

How to Use International Phone Calling Cards

You might be wondering if using calling cards to make overseas calls is an easy process or not. Once you understand how these cards work, you will realize that it really is a non messy and straight forward process.

Steps Involved
It is true that not all international calling phone cards are exactly alike but all of them work on the same fundamental principles and use similar processes.
As a customer, you will be provided with an access number to dial along with a PIN number which will be sent to your e mail address. Access numbers can be of 2 types, local access numbers and toll free access numbers. In case of local access number, you will have to pay for the local call to access the system from your home, office or pay phone. By using a toll free access number, you won’t have to pay for the local call; in fact both the actual international call and local call will be taken care of under the terms and conditions of the plan.
Once you dial the access number, you will have to enter your PIN number and then continue to dial the destination number you want to reach.

Most cheap phone cards announce the number of minutes you can talk for, rates for different destinations differ and the balance of minutes remaining on your account will depend on which place you are calling. But they have a catch which is in their terms of connection fee, maintenance fee and other service charges. With such cards you will never receive the number of minutes you are actually supposed to receive and you end up paying much more. On the contrary a few calling cards are honest and will always provide you the minutes they provide and will also clearly mention all the charges that they charge you for the call if any.

The actual call starts connecting after you dial the destination number and all companies provide the opportunity to redial and make follow on calls because you really don’t want to hang up and start the process all over again.

Easy Recharge
Customers can easily recharge their international phone calling cards through the company website, instant pay facility, auto recharge or even through customer care services. On the website, they simply have to enter the user ID, PIN number, click on the recharge option, and select the amount they want to recharge, confirm their payment, enter debit card or credit card details and submit this. They will get an e mail confirmation for this.
In case consumers want to use customer care services, they will have to call a representative and follow IVR instructions to make payment.

Customers can be assured that their credit card details will not be misused by the company and its employees. Reputed companies make use of highly sophisticated security features to safeguard sensitive financial information of customers which they submit to procure cheap international cards.

Advantages of Using an International Card for Long Distance Calls

The telecom sector that witnesses a virtual technological resurgence in recent years has now come up with the means to enable consumers’ conduct low cost long distance calling. There are many ways to make international calls, for example via mobile phones, regular land-lines and international calling cards. It can be a challenging task to identify the right service for you. By matching your needs with the right service, you will be able to find an efficient and economic solution.

Disadvantage of Mobile Phone Plans

  • Using a mobile phone plan to make international calls can be quite expensive. Low cost international calling cards offer a viable alternative for this.
  • With the help of such cards, calls can be made from various instruments, such as landlines, cell phones, pay phones etc. This has accounted for a phenomenal increase in demand for these cards.

There are many international companies across the world who already offer feature rich international phone cards for making long distance calls to countries in USA, Europe, Asia, Australia & Africa. The cards are not only affordable but also offer good quality voice connection. With all their additional benefits, it has never been easier to remain in touch with remote areas around the world at an effectively low cost.

All leading service providers have user friendly websites to allow customers benefit from their services. Customers can easily place their orders on websites simply by selecting the amount they wish to recharge for. They are then provided with a PIN number using which, they can start making long distance calls. Customers can view all call details for the minutes they have spoken and how much they have been charged for all calls. PINless dialing is a useful feature for making international calls on convenient terms and conditions. Other benefits of these calling cards include crystal clear voice clarity, round the clock customer support, the ability to call hundreds of destinations and extremely affordable rates.

Benefits to Businesses
Asia has emerged as the major hub for companies that are working towards making long distance calling affordable and inexpensive. These cards are of special use to businesses that require their employees to travel abroad frequently for business purposes. They can really take advantage of savings and don’t have to spend on the high rates and roaming charges of traditional mobile phone plans.
The good news is that international calls can be made from mobiles, landlines and PCOs and that too at inexpensive rates. So no matter where you are, you can still be connected to the rest of the world.